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Some eat to live. I live to eat. Food, to me, is a hobby, a passion, and a way to bring people together. As a registered dietitian and food enthusiast, one thing I enjoy the most is creating and sharing meals and recipes that are shhhh – secretly healthy too. For the past few years, friends have emailed me for quick lunches they can pack for work, my grandma listens intently as I rattle off three-ingredient recipes she should try, and my boyfriend dutifully tries all new food creations I prepare while chatting with me about the latest grain we tried or newest item at the grocery store. I love nothing more than sharing my latest dinner idea or cake creation and helping others achieve their health goals while eating good food: food that tastes good and is good for you. Let me share my creations with you! While I stick to a mostly plant-based diet, any of my creations can be altered by adding lean meats, swapping out regular cheese for soy cheese, or tweaked to meet your tastes. I’m using this blog to post recipes I try and tasty products I find that I think are worth stocking in your cupboard. In addition, I’ll share any kitchen gadgets or food-related goodies I find. I welcome any comments, feedback or replies to my post, especially if you try one of my suggestions!

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