Portland’s Portobello and Potato Champion

With the massive blizzard that hit the east coast, my travel plans shifted and I was forced to stay in Portland an extra night. Not such a bad thing, since I had more exploring to do! Mostly in food establishments, of course. Fortunately Elizabeth and some of the Oldways girls were still in town to join me.

Our first stop was an “appetizer” at a popular food truck called Potato Champion. Elizabeth would not leave Portland before getting PB&J fries from this truck, and we were all on board. We headed to a cluster of about 6 trucks and found our champion. We shared an order of PB&J fries, which had a spicy peanut sauce and raspberry sauce drizzled on top of the crispy fries, and regular fries dipped in banana ketchup. Both were life changers when it comes to fries. I never thought I could stray from plain ‘ol ketchup, but now I’m determined to figure out how to make banana ketchup. It was only mildly sweet and reminded me a little bit like pumpkin butter, but not as sugary.

wg conf and portobello 001

wg conf and portobello 005

wg conf and portobello 006wg conf and portobello 010

The fries merely whet our appetites and we walked about a half of a mile to Portobellos. When I asked some of my favorite Portland vegans, Mama Pea and THE Isa Chandra where to go for the best vegan meal, they both recommended Portobellos. Our dinner companions had never been to a vegan restaurant before, and everyone looooved their meals, and left happily stuffed.

wg conf and portobello 012

I ordered the green cabbage and balsamic barbequed seitan salad with capers and it was some of the best seitan I’ve ever tasted. Not too chewy and dense, just perfect.

wg conf and portobello 013

wg conf and portobello 015

And I got a half order of the roast butternut squash mezza luna with diced apple, olive oil, and sage. Heavenly! I love those fall flavors of squash, sage, and apples. I could have eaten anything on the menu and been perfectly happy. It was overwhelming to have so many amazing vegan options to choose from!

wg conf and portobello 016wg conf and portobello 017

I snuck a few bites of Elizabeth’s tiramisu for dessert and it was better than any regular tiramisu I’ve ever eaten.

wg conf and portobello 018wg conf and portobello 014

Being stuck in Portland for an extra night was totally worth it to experience these food hot-spots.

Thank you Oldways for this amazing experience, from the conference to the wonderful people I got to meet, and the Bob’s Red Mill tour. You all do such amazing work and promote what I believe are THE best foods. I hope to join you at many whole grain conferences to come!

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