Look what we cooked!

My apologies for the loooooong silence on this blog, but I have the best, littlest (biggest!) reason:

We had a baby!


Funk and I welcomed Zachary David into the world on Tuesday, April 16th at 3:37pm, weighing 7 pounds, 2 ounces and 20.5″ long. He’s our perfect little miracle and by far the best thing we have ever cooked up.


Things will be a little slow on the blog front as I get used to mommhood and enjoy tons of snuggles and smiles with our sweet boy, but I look forward to getting back into the cooking groove soon and sharing it with you. I’m afraid to admit how much my eating habits have changed in the past month and can’t wait to get back into a routine! For now we’re surviving on Trader Joe’s frozen meals (many of which have a dietitian-approved ingredient list, thank goodness), FoMu coconut-based ice cream and vegan take-out meals from Elizabeth, bagels galore, and lots of cold grain salads from my mom. The only thing I’ve cooked in the past three weeks is an egg, so as soon as I make something a little more share-worthy, I’ll be back on the blog again.

Thanks to everyone who has already given us an outpouring of love and support for our family of three.



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