5 Ingredient Dinner: Sundried Tomatoes, Greens and Beans

greens and beans

Phew! It is a hectic week over here in the Funk household. I have something scheduled every night this week and Funk finished up an intense week-long MBA class before we jet off to Colorado to visit friends of the long weekend. So I knew dinners would have to be easy this week, and planned ahead for a few. For tonight’s dinner, I was fully prepared to toast a veggie burger and pair it with some sides, but when I got home a little after 8pm, I was in the mood for something with a little more finesse. In a matter of seconds, I pulled the following 5 ingredients from our cabinets and fridge:

Mixed dark leafy greens

Jar of sun-dried tomatoes packed in olive oil

Whole wheat couscous

Can of white kidney beans

Smoked sea salt

Red pepper flakes optional

I scooped a few heaping tablespoons of the tomatoes in their oil into a skillet and turned on the heat. After a minute or so, I added a few large handfuls of greens to the pan and a splash of water so they’d start to wilt. Then I rinsed the can of beans and added it to the mix. Meanwhile, I cooked a cup of whole wheat couscous in the microwave (without it exploding, for once) for 3 minutes. By the time the couscous was done, the greens were done. I sprinkled on some smoked sea salt and red pepper flakes and voila! Dinner was done.

A filling, 5-ingredient meal made in minutes. Stick this one in your back pocket for a future crazy-busy day’s dinner.

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