Birthday Food!

A week ago I had the best birthday. Funk and my friend Pam planned a quasi-surprise party for me at one of my favorite Boston restaurants, Vlora. I knew something was happening that night, but I knew no details. Including the details that my family would be there to surprise me too! It was such a fun night – we hopped to Rattlesnake bar after Vlora and just had the best time. I love birthdays! By the way – Vlora is amazing with hosting private parties and they have a great party room if you’re looking for something in the city! Their food is incredible too and Pam ordered a whole slew of delicious appetizers, like bruschetta, a hummus platter, and calamari.


On my real birthday, Funk made me dinner of parchment paper salmon (super duper easy to make) and roasted butternut squash and brussels sprouts.


I had to have cake for my birthday! These almost-too-cute-to-eat cupcakes are from Party Favors. Funk at one point in our relationship had promised me a dog by my 30th birthday. The cupcake on the right isn’t exactly what I had in mind…


And I’m so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family members, which is really the best gift of all. I still can’t get over how fantastic all of my birthday celebrations were and am feeling pretty good about 30 since it started off with such a bang. I got some very food-friendly gifts. Do my friends know me or what?! Yes that’s a mushroom garden in a box from Nicole. I cannot wait to grow oyster mushrooms on our windowsill!


What’s the best foodie gift you’ve ever received?

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    aahhh! I just bought one of those mushroom kits!!

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