Blog Philosophy

Welcome to Eat Well with Janel Blog

I am passionate about good food – I love eating, cooking, grocery shopping, creating recipes, and trying new things. I also enjoy helping others realize simple steps to take to improve eating habits. For these reasons, my goal as a Registered Dietitian is to help others understand the importance of eating well and leading a healthy lifestyle. The Eat Well with Janel blog is about my life through food. I share culinary creations, recipes, food events, restaurant reviews, and other food and wellness information.

Food Philosophy

My food philosophy is simple: Food first and Eat whole foods. I strive for this daily as I try to cook and eat the most minimally processed foods possible. I believe what is more important than what you take out of your diet is what you put in. Add in the good stuff – the whole foods – and there won’t be room for the not-so-good. We hold the power to live healthy lives with what we put in our shopping carts, kitchen cabinets, and on the dinner table. With a nourishing, balanced diet, we don’t need any Frankenfoods, supplements, or wonky eating patterns. Through this blog, I hope to inspire and empower you to eat well without sacrificing the pleasures of eating, taste or time.

What I Eat

When I was young, I became so severely Lactose Intolerant that one tiny milk-chocolate chip would have me doubled over in pain. So, I grew up without any dairy in my diet and learned how to substitute in cooking, baking, and eating out well before there were many tasty dairy-free products on the market. Several years later when I switched to a vegan diet, my palate was truly expanded. I always ate well, but then I was experimenting with beans, flax, exotic grains, and fermented foods for the first time. I loved it! I reintroduced fish and seafood into my diet, and now my eating style is one that is plant-based. I don’t eat meat or poultry, and try to stay away from dairy as much as possible. I don’t follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, nor do I feel comfortable putting a label on the way I or anyone else eats. I eat the foods that make me feel my best, and taste the best to me and encourage you to do the same!