Broccoli Mushroom Tofu Stir Fry from Eating Well

The other night I had the ingredients on hand to make a simple stir fry. I followed an Eating Well recipe for Tofu & Broccoli Stir Fry and I didn’t plan on blogging about it, because you’ve seen simple stir frys here before. But about halfway through cooking, I realized: This stir fry is amazing! The recipe had me making the teryaki sauce from scratch and when I took a taste, I knew I had to get this on the blog, stat. So I whipped out my camera and started snappin’ away.

I followed this recipe almost to a T but used water instead of broth, omitted the ginger, and added in a package of sliced baby bella mushrooms.

I used the Nasoya tofu cubes and followed the Eating Well cornstarch method, which did give the tofu a really nice crispy texture and a little more chewiness. Try this method if you’re leary about tofu:

One way to get great tofu texture without deep-frying is to toss the tofu in cornstarch before stir-frying. Let it cook for several minutes without stirring to help it develop a little crust.


When the stir fry was almost done, Funk and I started digging through our kitchen cabinets to find some rice, grain, noodles, or anything to pair with this amazing dish of stir fry. We realized  that everything we had would take too long to cook and we were just so hungry! The dietitian in me couldn’t serve dinner without some whole grain in there, so we did what we had to do:

Whole wheat toast.

Ok so this wasn’t my finest kitchen moment, and I wish I could say stir fry on top of whole wheat bread tastes amazing, but it really just tasted like soggy stir fry bread.

But back to the stir fry: It was perfect. The veggies were just crisp enough, the tofu had a chewy texture, and the sauce was the best homemade teryaki sauce I’ve ever made and will be repeating again and again. And I had most of the ingredients on hand for it already! If you do too, make this meal tonight. But please, prepare something other than whole wheat toast on the side.

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