Can Food Fight Cellulite?


Hi readers! No, I’m not writing while I honeymoon – don’t worry! But if you miss my writing and nutrition nuggets sooooo much, and I’m sure you do, you can check out some neat posts and articles I’ve written and have been featured in recently.

Click on over to Boston’s Stuff Magazine to read my thoughts on food fighting cellulite. Just in time for bear-all bikinis and short shorts this summer – is there anything you can eat to banish those bumps?

On the Attune Daily Digest blog, I give you five things to discuss with your doctor if you think you’re gluten intolerant. Going gluten free has been pretty trendy lately, but is it for everyone? See what I have to say.

And finally, it’s not up yet, but stay tuned because on Saturday, June 18th you can head to the Food Network’s Healthy Eats Blog and click on my Veggie Table posts to get some insight on two mostly-vegans planning our wedding food. What do you think – did we have a full out vegan wedding?

See you soon!

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