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Tis the season for holiday parties and finger foods galore. I loooove me some party food – specifically chips and salsa! But I can’t always guarantee there will be something at a party that isn’t slathered in cheese or butter, so I always make a point to bring something that I know will satisfy me and the Funkster (and hopefully everyone else at the soiree). Usually I’ll throw together a last minute veggie and hummus dip platter, but this past weekend I wanted to do a little more for a holiday party one night, and football-watching get-together the next.


I started with some baguettes, sliced them thinly, and popped them in the oven for about 10 minutes (maybe on 350?) to lightly toast them.

Then I spread on some plain hummus, and a bit of olive tapenade (from Trader Joes), and topped each slice with a little bit of parsley for a pop of color (and antioxidants!).

They were the perfect party finger food, and all the protein and healthy fats filled me up enough to not be tempted to eat too many holiday cookies.


I was able to put this together just minutes before heading out the door. It was so insanely easy to make, I think I’ll use this recipe – or a variation of it – numerous times in the future. I think it’d be great with a bruschetta topping instead of olive, or a flavored hummus instead of plain.

What’s your go-to party food recipe?

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