Eat Well while at Work

One of my favorite aspects of my job is working in Corporate Wellness. I love going into big companies to give talks on nutrition topics relevant to a working professional’s busy life, working with a wide variety of clients, and getting a glimps into how people stay healthy (or not) while working the 9-5 (or more). I wrote this article for Corporate Wellness Magazine on How to Eat Well While at Work. Check out what I have to say about brown bagging it, luscious lunch ideas, and loving your leftovers. Here are some of my tips:

If you’re anything like me, you love leftovers. But leftovers don’t always have to be eaten the same way they started out. You can transform your leftovers into new lunch ideas.

  • Fill a whole wheat tortilla with leftover meat, vegetables, brown rice, add salsa for a filling burrito
  • Make a healthy tuna, chicken or turkey salad with leftover meat – use low fat mayo or Greek yogurt and add in lots of healthy fillings for added flavor and crunch, such as dried cranberries, walnuts, chopped carrots and celery
  • Mix leftover meat or vegetables together with some stir fry sauce – add in extra rice or couscous
  • Fill your sandwich with leftover vegetables – get creative! You don’t always have to stack your sandwich with tomato slices and lettuce leaves. Try grilled zucchini, grated carrots and roasted peppers
  • Turn a hot rice, couscous or other grain dish into a cold rice or pasta salad by adding chopped vegetables and mixing in some light salad dressing or marinade
  • Top a fresh salad with leftover turkey or chicken
  • Put grilled fish in a hearty whole wheat bun topped with pineapple slices
  • Add meat, vegetables and pasta to soups and stews


On another note, if you’re looking for DIY veggie burger recipes, check out my Food Network’s Healthy Eats Post.

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