Happy Halloween from Julia Child and Big Baby

Good morning, readers! Did you have a happy Halloween weekend? What did you dress as?
Usually I know months in advance what my costume will be and I start sewing or creating it early on. This year Halloween snuck up on me and I was completely unprepared! Fortunately just days before the Halloween party we went to, I came up with my costume: Julia Child! It seemed fitting since I’ve read Julie & Julia and organized an event to watch the movie with other foodies over the summer. I’m also currently reading Julia Child’s My Life in France for the Massachusetts Dietetic Association’s Book Club meeting next week. I feel like I’ve been channeling Julia for the past few months!
Dressing myself in an apron, pumps, set of pearls, and an “I love cooking” button, and armed with a chicken (fake, of course) and mixing spoon, I felt I looked the part, and everyone at the party seemed to know who I was dressed as!

We were cutting it close for Funk’s costume, and the night before Halloween it came to me: he’d go as the Celtics player nicknamed Big Baby (who is also a big jerk for punching his friend and breaking his thumb – but it was a nice addition to Funk’s costume).

Funk dressed in some Celtics gear and bandaged his thumb. I wrapped a cloth diaper on him, which was a first, and off we went. Success! Everyone seemed to guess who he was dressed as, too.

Funk’s old roommate Chris was the host of the Halloween party and we were entertained to see him also wearing an adult diaper dressed as a different kind of big baby. It got me wondering if these two old roomies used to walk around their apartment together wearing adult-sized diapers. They seemed to really enjoy it…

Some friends showed up in my favorite costume of the night: the Twitter search word #costume. Genius! But only really if you’re a Twitter nerd. Most people at that party had no clue what they were.

Who were you for Halloween?

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