Happy Halloween!

Welcome to November! I hope everyone had a happy Halloween and nobody is still stuck in a sugar coma. Funk and I hosted a Halloween and Housewarming party Friday night and I went with an orange and black food theme, which included black bean tortillas, sweet potato chips, orange-colored red pepper humus with carrots and orange bell peppers, homemade spicy orange tortilla chips, black bean dip with a spooky spider web (made out of plain yogurt! All credit on this goes to Fat Free Vegan Kitchen), and of course, candy corn (our new favorite is the chocolate caramel candy corn variety).

Of course, being food lovers, we even went with a food-themed Halloween costume. I crafted these condiment costumes myself. How will we top these next year!?

P.S. If leftover Halloween candy is too tempting to pass up, do as I did and send it to work with your boyfriend…husband…roommate…best friend. Whatever you do, get it out of the house. A candy corn here, a mini-bar there, and you’ll be on your road to that dreaded holiday weight gain. Autumn is the season for mini candy bars and root vegetables. Choose wisely!

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