Healthy Snacks



One of my favorite things to discuss in a counseling session with my clients (in addition to grocery shopping and easy cooking ideas) is snacks. I think people see snacks as the downfall in their diets, or the place where junk food lurks. Really, I see snacks as another opportunity in your day to add healthy, satisfying nutrients, and perhaps (hopefully) a serving of fruit or veggies. That is, if you choose your snacks wisely.

The trick is picking snacks that have a healthy combination of filling fiber from complex carbs and satisfying protein and/or healthy fats, for example: an apple with peanut butter. If you’re looking for healthy snack ideas to keep you satisfied between meals, and prevent you from overeating when mealtime rolls around, check out my Attune Foods post so you’re prepared for your next snack attack. While you’re there, leave me a comment letting me know your favorite between-meal snack.

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