Love My Silk and the winner!

Happy Monday to you! I’ve been loving having my fridge stocked with Silk for the 10-day challenge. I went to a big Whole Foods out in the ‘burbs this weekend to see if I could find some of the coconut milk and sadly, I couldn’t. (Anyone in the Boston area know where they sell Silk coconut milk?) But that didn’t stop me from picking up some more light chocolate (we are loving the chocolate cherrie smoothies) and more! Here’s one of my tasty silk eats:


A cool, summery vanilla peach smoothie with some frozen peaches, peach soy yogurt and vanilla silk. Creamy, fruity and filling.


I also picked up some Silk creamer, which I looooove. I drink mostly herbal tea with soy milk in the morning, but I used to hate how most soy milks and creamers would curdle in coffee. Not Silk! And although it’s sweetened, there are only 3g of sugar per serving, which means I don’t need to add a teaspoon of sugar to my tea like I normally do. Know what else I love? The long shelf life. This container is dated a month away, which is great since I don’t usually drink though it very quickly.


I also picked up some Silk yogurt and concocted a new favorite snack: vanilla Silk yogurt with dark chocolate chips mixed in.


And it’s hard to believe I haven’t used my amazing ice cream maker more than the one time I used it to make this heavenly coconut milk ice cream. It’s so easy! I usually can’t be bothered with ice cream til the temps are warmer, but with a sore throat brewing, I wanted something cool. Funk requested chocolate ice cream, and I’m typically not a fan – at all – of chocolate ice cream but gave it a go, since I love the chocolate Silk. Into the ice cream mixture went 1 cup of Silk almond milk, 2 cups of Silk light chocolate milk, 3/4 cup of sugar, 1 tbsp of vanilla, and a dash of salt and 15 minutes later I had this decadent chocolate almond/soy ice cream that is much lower in calories and fat than traditional ice cream, and free of all sorts of weird preservatives.


Clearly my 10-day Silk challenge is going very well. How about you? Curious who won the Silk Challenge contest I hosted?

Congratulations Allison!!! I’ll get in touch with you for your mailing address. Make sure to let us know how your 10-day challenge goes!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to promote Silk, but they generously hosted this giveaway for my readers. Thank you Silk!

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    I am diabetic. Even skim milk would send my blood sugar up 250-300 points. Silk Almond milk Unsweetened lets me have cereal for breakfast or a snack. I have told my siblings about it b/c we’re all diabetic. !I also let my diabetic educator know, b/c I wish she had told me and I would have avoided a very scary episode of hyperglycemia that left me feeling shakened and ill. Plus it tastes SO much better than watery skim milk. Thanxalot y’all!

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