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I am a firm believer that small changes = big results, whether it comes to eating right, training for a race, or redecorating your house. When we bite off more than we can chew (heh heh) we usually get frustrated with the process and give up on our big-change goals. But baby steps stick, and we’re usually happier when we achieve small goals along the way than when we feel like we’re never going to accomplish a big, looming goal. My own professional motto is, “Helping you reach your nutrition goals, one bite at a time.” Needless to say I was excited when Alicia, social media manager for Me You Health asked if I wanted to participate in the Summer Blogger Well-Being Challenge.

I’ve met Alicia in the twitterverse as well as in person and she’s a super sweet gal who is committed to spreading the word about health and well being. I agreed to the challenge which meant I’d get daily emails with little healthy challenges that I was to try each day. I’m always consciously trying to live a healthier life, but who couldn’t use a little nudge to do better? To be honest, I initially thought I’d be setting my own goals (I’m real big on personal goal setting) and would get daily reminders about them, kind of like the Lululemon Goaltender site that I love. When I started, I instead found pleasant healthy challenge emails in my inbox each morning encouraging me to do things like “smile at three people today,” or “take 3 deep breaths and stay patient the next time you are stuck waiting in a long line.” They were so easy and do-able, but at the same time, they were things I wasn’t necessarily doing every day. It was great to get the encouragement and reminder that itty bitty changes can really help your health. And, that health isn’t just about the food you put (or don’t put) into your body. It’s also about your mental and emotional health, quality of sleep, stress management, social circles, physical activity, and more. This Daily Challenge was a great reminder for me, and it even gives you reasons why the specific tip of the day is important, and how you can accomplish it.

The cool thing about the Daily Challenge is that it’s also a social networking site, so you can connect with others on the site, see how they’re doing on their daily challenges, what tips they give to live better, and share your experiences. It’s like having a virtual team supporting you and there are already over 145,000 members! You can connect with complete strangers, Facebook pals, tweeps, or friends you know.You also earn points and stamps each day for your accomplishments, and if you’re a competitive person, this might be right up your alley. I didn’t really pay attention to that part, since I’m not one to keep score (as can be seen by my Words With Friends games!). Even though most of us are bombarded daily with emails flooding our inbox, I actually liked the daily email reminders and would leave some of them in my inbox for a few days so they could continuously remind me of the challgenge, and not just a 1-day reminder.

My favorite challenge I received all week was this:

“Think about yesterday’s events, and pick out 3 things that happened that make you feel grateful.”

When I got that one in my inbox, I was with my best friends on Cape Cod for a batchelorette party weekend, followed by a surprise baby shower (for two different friends!). I took a look around at the group of 14 of us, the major milestones we were celebrating, and was able to come up with so many more than three things that made me feel grateful at that moment.


Want to join me on the Daily Challenge? You can connect with me (username Janel O.) on the site so we can cheer each other on as we accomplish our own daily challenges.


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    What a great post — thanks for sharing with your readers what we’re trying to do at MeYou Health, and that’s spread the message that small actions DO matter. Your weekend on the Cape sounds like it was a lot of fun!

    Have a great day!
    Alicia Benjamin
    Social Media Manager

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    SO AGREE! I’m a little by little girl – and the result has been an overall MAJOR change in my lifestyle. Go figure!
    I also loved the 3 things “task” – such a great reminder to be mindful of the positive little joys of our day.

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