My New Roots' Raw Cashew Dreamcake

One of my favorite new (to me) blogs is My New Roots. Sarah is a vegetarian chef and her posts always have the most gorgeous photographs and delicious recipes. She also is great at explaining how to prepare her recipes, or why she does certain things (like soak nuts). I recently came across one of her older posts for a Raw Cashew Dreamcake, and if you read the comments after the post, you can see how much people loved this cake! Since I’m not much of a baker, and this raw cake requires no bake time, I figured I might be able to handle it. Also, the ingredients are completely kosher for Passover, so I made it to bring to my parents’ Seder over the weekend.


The cake was totally simple to make. I prepared the “crust” the night before so it’d have time to set and chill in the fridge overnight. The next morning, I prepared the filling and then stored it in the freezer til serve time. I even spread some of the leftover filling on a sheet of matzo for breakfast. Delish! And, it’s such a gorgeous cake!


I wouldn’t tell anyone what the “cheesecake” ingredients were til after they took a taste. Everyone assumed tofu, but nobody came close to guessing cashews. It really is amazing what soaked nuts plus a Vitamix can do! It was a huge hit. My dad asked to keep the leftovers, and anytime someone actually requests a vegan creation, I’m more than happy to oblige.

My apologies for no final photo – it really is gorgeous to see the layers when you cut into it! Funk’s iPhone photo won’t show up here for whatever reason, so click on over to the original post on My New Roots to see the final product!



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    Wow! This looks really good! Karl and I went through a phase where we were regularly attending to these raw meetup potlucks – just because the food was so interesting! I was always impressed by the desserts.

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    i love love love this blog!!mmmmmm!

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