Private Cooking Class in Boston at Artepicure

Over the weekend, Funk and I finally cashed in one of our favorite wedding presents. We received a private cooking class gift certificate to Artepicure, a cooking school in Somerville. I had been there before for a knife skills class and loved it, so I couldn’t wait to go back. But, between our busy schedule and the packed Artepicure calendar, it took us over a year since our wedding to finally make it happen.


We were in touch with the owner Mark prior to the class to solidify a menu we’d like. I let him know we’re relatively savvy in the kitchen, but aren’t that creative when it comes to cooking seafood. He came up with a three course menu for us that included scallops, hake, and a decadent dessert.


We arrived at 7:30 and got to work! We started off by chopping vegetables for the homemade vegetable stock, something I have never made before. It really was so simple, and tasted a million times better than the boxed vegetable broth I buy. We also prepped the vegan chocolate mousse dessert so it’d have time to chill, and then got to the ragout, spinach, and more.

We loved having the opportunity to chat with Mark while we were cooking, asking him about the best fish market around (which is apparently right in our neighborhood), an inexpensive online spice store, and the latest local restaurant news (apparently Ming Tsai is opening a second restaurant by the waterfront!).

There was lots of chopping and peeling going on, and we couldn’t wait to try everything. Three hours later, exhausted and hungry, we sat down to eat. The wait and effort was well worth it. The food was high-end restaurant quality, with fresh ingredients Mark picked up from the farmers’ market or fish store that day. While the recipes required extra steps I usually wouldn’t do when preparing a meal at home (pre-cooking dry beans, making vegetable stock, etc.), Funk and I agreed that it really does make a difference in bringing a meal up a notch. The scallops and hake were perfectly cooked and simply seasoned with just salt and pepper, and I vowed to never buy frozen fish at Trader Joe’s again. That promise lasted 24 hours, since we picked up some frozen salmon to have on hand over the weekend, but now we know where to get great quality fresh seafood.

Our menu:

Pan seared scallops with sesame spinach and cinnamon scented carrot sauce


Pan roasted hake with a ragout of giant Greek beans, spinach and butternut squash


Vegan chocolate mousse with fresh mango


I would highly recommend Artepicure. Mark does private cooking classes, corporate events, birthday parties, couples cooking classes, and more. We loved our Friday night spent chopping, chatting, and of course, eating.


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    Love this! What a fun time. You guys look so cute and that food looks delish.

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