Rice Cheeze Pizza

I’ve never been one of those humongo cheese lovers. I want it out of my sandwich, mac and cheese does not appeal to me, and I’m much happier with crackers and hummus than crackers and cheese. Maybe it’s because when I became lactose intolerant I had to give up cheese, and never really developed much interest in it after that. Maybe it’s because I know how such a teeny amount of cheese can contribute a significant bit of calories and saturated fat to your diet. (I actually believe if Americans gave up 75% of their regular cheese intake, we wouldn’t have such an obese nation, but that’s a post for another day.)

But sometimes, you just need cheese. Whether it’s an orange-colored slice of American in your grilled cheese, some fake cashew-nutritional yeast concoction made to resemble cheese, or a slice of brie and cranberry sauce on your party platter, there is a time and place for cheese and cheese-like foods.

We love making pizza, and couldn’t do it without something nice and melty. Our cheese of choice is the shredded and sliced cheese sold at Trader Joes. The brand of shredded cheese is by Lisanatti Foods, and it melts perfectly on a pizza, thanks to the fact that it contains casein (an animal protein that allows fake cheese to melt, but also means it is not vegan). We do love Dayia but don’t frequent Whole Foods enough to get it.


Anyway, I was excited when Lisanatti Foods sent me some new cheese samples from their line to try, including Muncheeze Snack Sticks, Almond Cheeze, and Rice Cheeze. We loved the snack sticks, and gobbled those right up. On Sunday night for dinner, I decided to make Matzo Pizza since it was Passover, and thought I’d give the Rice Cheese a try.

Using a veggie peeler, I “peeled” thin slices of the cheese and put them on the matzo to create a barrier so the sauce wouldn’t make it too soggy. Then I topped it with some fire-roasted tomato salsa, more cheese slices, yellow bell peppers slices, and baby bella mushrooms. Then I popped the pizzas in the oven for about 15 minutes, and pulled them out to discover the cheese got all gooey and melty just like regular cheese.


(That’s “whole wheat bran matzo” for me in the upper right hand corner. Funk was not a fan – now what to do with an extra box and a half?)


The verdict? They tasted great! I actually couldn’t taste a difference between this cheese and the soy cheese once it was cooked, though I’m sure most people would detect a difference between it and dairy cheese.


I also loved the stats on the cheese, which contains 6g of protein per serving and only 3g of fat. Funk was in heaven, and I discovered pizza is the way to his heart, whether it’s on some fresh whole wheat dough, or some tasteless Matzo. Thanks, Lisanatti Foods for the great samples!


Want to try some for yourself? You can actually fill out a form here to request your own samples. Give it a go! You might be surprised by how great it tastes.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to promote Lisanatti cheeze products.

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    Of course I’m currently reheating leftovers of the homemade mac and cheese we’ve been eating all week. I tried soy cheese once because I am also lactose-intolerant but I couldn’t get past the smell to even taste it. I wonder if the rice cheeze is a bit better. Your pizzas look really great!

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