The Rooibos Renewal Cold Cure from Mighty Leaf

The other day I felt the start of a cold coming on: tight, swollen throat, headache, the blahs. I was not about to get sick…there is just no time in my schedule for that. So I dug through my tea collection for a packet I had received recently from Mighty Leaf Tea to brew up a mug. Not my favorite thing to do in 90 degree heat, but I knew I’d find my cure.

There it was: The Rooibos Renewal tea I had tucked away for just this sort of occasion. I’ve mentioned before that Rooibos is my new favorite tea that is caffeine free and tastes slightly sweet. The Rooibls Renewal contained Vitamin C-rich orange peels and flowers yielding a calming, nurturing blend. Vitamin C? Some calm? Just what the doctor ordered.

I poured in some soymilk and agave sweetener, which I probably didn’t need since the Rooibos is naturally sweet. One mug of tea and one hour later, all signs of sickness were gone. I don’t know if it was the Rooibos blend that did it, or the 10 minutes I took to chill out, but this tea was a winner. For more information, and the link to order (and stock up on) this tea, click here.
Photo from Mighty Leaf Tea

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