The Simpsons Food Blog Episode

I haven’t watched The Simpsons since…ever. Seriously, when a cartoon comes on TV my eyes just glaze over. But Funk DVRs new episodes and kept telling me about the latest Food Blog episode where Marge, Lisa and Bart start a food blog. I laughed out loud. A lot. And then found it funny (and sad?) that I could relate to so much of this cartoon episode. If you’re a food blogger, I’m sure you can too. Here you can see a few clips from the show, but the very best part is the food blog song. Hysterical.

If you’re at work and can’t turn up the volume, here are the lyrics:

We’re Bloggin’ a food blog, Marge and Bart and Lisa,
As one now, we’re having fun now.
Throwing down mad foodie game, knowing all the chefs’ names,
Rolling into K-Town, bibimbap and bulgogi,
The hotties I chill with are srirachi (sic) and kimchee,
Gimme Housemade terrines, my duck is always confit,
I braise with a billion more BTUs than I need,
I cook a Thanksgiving turkey in a trash-bag, sous vide,
A fumatore in Brindisi Fed-Exed me salami,
Don’t scoop gelato unless it’s got umami,
I’ll be “Frank” like Bruni, “Ruthless” like Reichl “Wiley” like Dufresne, and when I take the mike,
I’ll Rhyme about radicchio, criticize Colicchio,
Every pub is gastro, and all my beef carpaccio,
Throw it in the Pho, Yo
And don’t you call that Pho “Foe”
Talk about broth-squirtin’ dumplin’s
We’re bloggin a food blog
Uploadin’ pics with our fun mom


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    I saw that over the weekend and loved it! It was so funny!

  3. Posted November 29, 2011 at 10:40 am | Permalink

    Haha… it’s true though… people are all about food and cooking and food blogs lately 🙂

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    Haha that’s perfect. I kind of want to see the whole episode 🙂

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    LOL!:-D Hilarious! Yes, now I want to see the whole episode too!

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