Trip to the Farm!


I just spent the most fun weekend with two very dear friends, Jess and Nicole. Nicole and her husband just bought a house on 33 acres of farmland slash winery and are working hard to tend the land and bring on the farm animals! Of course when you put three dietitians together, the focus is food. It’s always about the food. Here’s a little Instagram dump of what we ate over the weekend.

When Jess and I first landed in DC, we met up with a fellow dietitian who works at IOM (Institute of Medicine). For years I heard Nicole talk about how amazing the IOM cafeteria is, with subsidized salad bar veggies and great vegetarian options. Jess and I headed there like the two nutrition nerds we are and had a major salad bar feast. Delicious!


That night we met up with some other DC dietitians, a including Heather and Carlene who I had only met before this through social media. There is something so easy about meeting online-RD-friends in person, like we’ve known each other forever! We all had dinner at Rasika, a modern Indian restaurant with small, sharable plates. Our hands down favorites? The smoked lentils and crispy spinach. We had to put in a second order for each.


On Saturday we headed to a farmers’ market in West Virginia to load up on some dinner ingredients and snacks. We were headed “tubing” (aka floating down a river for two hours and chatting our faces off) and snagged some amazing plums for the ride.


Pre-dinner snacking on some vineyard grapes.


For dinner, we put together a pasta salad with sautéed zucchini and summer squash, fresh tomatoes and sweet corn, basil, spinach, and a lemon olive oil dressing with a side of smoked paprika black beans.


Wondering what was for dinner Sunday night? Homemade socca topped with sautéed kale, sun dried tomatoes and tomato sauce.


We kept dinner light because we had been talking about making dessert all weekend. And it was worth it:

Gluten free brownie (from a mix but good for gluten free!) topped with homemade coconut milk ice cream with creamy peanut butter and chopped dark chocolate mixed in. Holycow. The hot brownie with the cold, melty ice cream…Let’s just say I’m glad the leftovers are now far, far away from me.
All this doesn’t even include the amazing breakfast jalapeño cornbread Nicole made as Jess and I slept in, the fro-yo break we took while walking around in DC, or the local-food lunch we enjoyed at Blue Moon Cafe in Shepherdstown.
Good friends. Good food. I love these girls!


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