Vegan Cornbread

Over the weekend I was holed up in bed with a miserable head cold. The Nyquil-dependent kind of head cold that leaves me craving carbs in a serious way: toast, noodles, candy, and nothing more. Come Sunday night, I wanted something a little fancier than toast with jam, so I googled “vegan cornbread” and happily landed on Isa Chandra’s recipe. It got mixed reviews from the commenters, but I figured since I had never made cornbread before, it was a good place to start and I had all the ingredients on hand.


I did substitute almond milk for soy milk, which worked out just fine. I also used 1 cup of pretty coarsely ground cornmeal, and 1 cup of more finely ground cornmeal. And I only baked it for 20 minutes, instead of the recommended 30+, because our ancient oven has a mind of its own and burns absolutely everything. I’m pretty sure the temperature is always 500 degrees (according to my oven thermometer) no matter what temp I set it to.

I have to say it wasn’t love at first bite for me because I was expecting a sweeter cornbread, more like a corn muffin. But Isa even says in her description it’s not a sweet cornbread. Paired with chili for dinner that night, it was perfect. You don’t want a bakery-sweet bread to go with hearty spicy chili. If you like a sweeter dessert type cornbread, maybe increase the amount of maple syrup.

vegan cornbread

Oh and don’t worry, I’ll share the recipe for that chili you see in the picture soon. It’s for an upcoming Recipe ReDux post!

What foods do you crave when you’re sick?

cornbread with chili

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