Vegan Zucchini Frittata


I don’t know why, but I seem to be in a cooking funk (not Funk) lately…no pun intended. This month has been overly crazy for the two of us, and I think it is sapping all of my creative cooking energy. Yes I’ve still been cooking, but it’s been the basics in our kitchen with recipe-less dinners like tofu stir fry, and completely blah sides, like frozen veggies or edamame. Maybe it’s also this weird in-between month, when you don’t want to let go of summer (and all its amazing produce) and jump into fall, even though it IS my favorite season with some of my favorite foods. Mentally, I’m just not ready. And neither is my body temperature. I had the space heater blasting today at work. But I really do love taking a brand new recipe and experimenting in the kitchen, so I dug through my recipe files (i.e. my gmail “recipe” folder) and came up with one for a vegan zucchini frittata from one of my favorite vegan food bloggers, Susan at Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. I had planned on making this one a while ago, because I went out and bought the special black salt it calls for from a local neighborhood Indian grocery store back in June.


The frittata came out perfectly and didn’t even stick to the pie pan! It has a texture that really resembles an egg frittata, and I was impressed by how well it held together, unlike other tofu “egg” scramble dishes.


Funk and I each had a quarter of the frittata and paired it with a bowl of frozen mixed veggies, which made it a good compromise between “getting my cooking mojo back” and “not so much.”

This weekend I head to sunny San Diego, California for the annual American Dietetic Association’s Food and Nutrition Conference (though rumor has it, the American Dietetic Association is changing it’s name. Gasp!). I’m so looking forward to being inspired professionally. I always leave that conference absolutely buzzing with new ideas. This year I’m the ADA’s Member Value Committee Chair so I’m also leading a meeting with my committee that I’m looking forward to. And the icing on the cake? Getting to see some of my very best friends at the conference, which makes a professional conference not feel like work at all. I’ll be back post-FNCE to share the details! Will I see you there?

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